7th pay commission:

Under 7th Pay Commission, Indian Railways has decided to double the honorarium of officers who were working as arbitrators. And the amount has been increased from Rs 500 a day to Rs 1000.

As per the new 7th Pay Commission recommendations, Indian Railways said If the officers function in the role of an arbitrator for half-a-day also, they will be entitled to get Rs 500 instead of the earlier amount of Rs 250.

As per the latest updates, Indian Railways has also decided to increase the maximum honorarium amount to Rs 20,000 per case.


An arbitrator is a person who is appointed by each department to resolve internal disputes. An old in railways, the arbitrator extends his/her services to resolve disputes without taking the help of the court.

And the arbitration is a procedure under which the arbitrator hears both the sides of the dispute and then decides the matter as per the law.


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