7th Pay Commission: Although the demands for a further hike in minimum basic pay against the 7th Pay Commission recommendation is still pending for the Central government employees, the Centre seems to have taken their demand into consideration, and expectations are that the Narendra Modi government will soon make an announcement in this regard. According to media reports, the central government is looking into the demands of these employees as Rajnath Singh (then Home Minister) had held a discussion with a delegation of the employees.


Media reports are also coming in that the government is likely to make an announcement on further hike in minimum basic pay against the 7th Pay Commission recommendations ahead of Dussehra. Notably, the central government employees have been raising their demand for a hike in their basic pay structure of Rs 18,000. Currently, they are getting Rs 18,000, but their demand is to add Rs 8000 (Rs 26,000) in the basis pay, stating that the present pay has failed to change their financial state.

The Central government employees are waiting for the hike in their Dearness Allowances (DA), which currently comprises 12 per cent, and the same was implemented in January 2019. They are eagerly waiting for the DA hike announcement for the second half of the year, as it was expected in July 2019.