Canada visa important points to be consider before Applying:

Please check all the details in the below video

  • Fill out the forms electronically.  Leave the signature field blank. You will be providing your electronic signature later in the process.

Documents :

  • Provide all the documents that you have , so that there is no missing points , everything that supports your application.

Types of Files:

  • There is some checks on types of file you can upload. So make sure that your files are in the below format.
  •  PDF (Portable Document), JPG, TIFF, or PNG (Image), DOC or DOCX (Microsoft Word Document.
  • Also you can upload only one file per requirement

File Requirements

  • Suppose you have multiple documents for your (identity like driving license, passport, voter card), you need to upload only one , not all.
    – Also , if you want to submit a Certificate of Employment, ITR copy, AND proof of assets, make sure they’re in one file.
    – Another example, travel history. If you are want to submit multiple pages of your passport to show the different visas and stamps, you must scan and save all pages as only one file.

File Size :

  • The size of each file must NOT exceed 4MB.  If your file exceeds, you need to reduce the size.  The website Will not take images more than 4mb  , so if your file size is increasing then you must compress it so that it fits according to the size mentioned.

Final Check : Check all your documents so that all of them are complete.

  • Make sure your documents are complete. You won’t be able to submit your application if any of the required files is missing.