CGHS Consultation of the specialist Latest Update:

As per the latest updates for CGHS consultation , now CGHS beneficiaries can take consultation without visiting the polyclinic. The new office order says that CGHS beneficiaries does not have to visit polyclinic for approvalĀ  for post consultation. Below is the latest order for CGHS beneficiaries

Sub: Clarification regarding Consultation from Specialists at CGHS empanelled hospitals in respect of CGHS beneficiaries aged 75 years and above.

With reference to the above mentioned subject the undersigned is directed to draw attention to Office memorandum of even number dated 29.05.2009 and to state that with a view to facilitate ease of availing direct consultation facility.

it has now been decided that while availing direct consultation from specialists of empanelled hospitals, the CGHS beneficiaries shall fill up the form provided at the Reception by the empanelled hospitals mentioning the Specialist (Specialty) he/she seeking consultation.

In case of pensioner CGHS beneficiaries aged 75 years and above , the hospitals shall enclose the form and submit along with the hospital bill to CGHS. The format for the same is enclosed herewith.

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