CGHS Important update :

CGHS has make the process for taking treatment easier and make changes in the CGHS rules. Below are the updates :
Simplification of the Procedure in CGHS

CGHS Wellness Centres provide primary health care facilities and, if required, refer the beneficiaries to the Specialists at Government Hospitals/ Private Hospitals empanelled under CGHS. In emergency conditions, no endorsement for any treatment/ investigation is required from CGHS Wellness Centre. However, in non-emergency conditions or unlisted treatment/ tests, endorsement from concerned CGHS Wellness Centre is required.


With a view to facilitate ease of availing consultations from Specialists at empanelled hospitals, Government has permitted elderly CGHS beneficiaries aged 75 years and above to seek consultations from Specialists without any referral and undergo treatment/ investigations without endorsement. Permission is required only for unlisted treatment procedure/ tests in non-emergency conditions.

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