CGHS Issue of OPD Medicines for CGHS beneficiaries going abroad

Below is the latest circular for CGHS Medicine:

  • With reference to the above subject the undersigned is directed to draw attention to Circular No 4-20/2003 – C&P Section dated the 28th April , 2005 vide which guidelines were issued for supply of OPD Medicines for upto ‘6’ months to CGHS beneficiaries , who are going to stay abroad and to state that the matter has been reviewed by this Ministry and it is now decided in modification of the earlier guidelines that hereinafter, Chief Medical Officer I/C of concerned CGHS Wellness Centre is empowered for issue of OPD medicines for upto six months to the CGHS beneficiaries visiting abroad, subject to submission of the following documents:


  • (a) Copy of valid CGHS Card.
  • (b) Valid prescription for six months.
  • (c) Documentary Proof of going abroad like ticket , visa etc.