Please attempt following questions to check your “word pairing” knowledge.

Words which are used together are pairing words. Example : “salt and pepper”

1. Season the soup to taste with salt and _____  on it.


2. The leader started his speech by saying “Good Morning Ladies and ” ___________ .


3. When drinking tea, i like to use a cup and ________ set.


4. Jack and __________ went up the hill.


5. My father bought  me a new ______ and pant for my birthday party.


6. A good human being must know what is good and _____ for the society.


7. Lost and ________ is the place where missing things are kept.


8. I like soup which is sweet – and – ______________ in taste.


9. Kamila and Ria decided to forgive and ____ their issues to become good friends again.


10. Sooner or __________ the police will catch the thief.


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