Pensioners Latest Updates for central government employees:

The salient features of the pension entitlements of employees retiring from the Central Government  and pensioners are as under:

  1. A Government servant retiring in accordance with the rules, after completing a qualifying service of not less than 10 years, is entitled to a pension @ 50% of his last pay or 50% of average emoluments for the last 10 months, whichever is more beneficial to him/her.
  2. After completion of 80 years of age or above, additional pension @ 20% to 100% is payable to the retired Government servant.
  3. A retired/retiring Government servant is entitled to, at his/her option, a lump sum payment, by commutation of a maximum of 40% of his/her pension.
  4. On retirement, a Government employee is entitled to a retirement gratuity based on his/her emoluments and length of qualifying service.
  5. On death of a Central Government pensioner, the family is entitled to a family pension the amount of which is 50% of the last pay for a period of seven years, or for a period up to the date on which the retired deceased Government servant would have attained the age of 67 years had he/she survived, whichever is earlier.


Right now there is no order for increasing or decreasing the age for central government employees. Earlier there was news for increasing the service for central government employees, but now it has been clear that there is no such update regarding this. Also the age for pensioners , there is no update so pensioners age is also same. Yes, for senior citizens who are above 80 years will be getting more pension as the pension will increase from 20% upto 100% based upon the age above 80.

In order to get the pension the pensioners will have to do the minimum service of 10 years based upon which the pension will be decided as per the norms. This is the latest update for all pensioners.